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Support Contacts
VALUTEL Communications
9301 Indian School Road NE Suite 201
Albuquerque, NM 87112
Phone: (505)271-9008

Remote Support allows for our skilled technicians to assist you by controlling your computer. You must first call in and request support from a technician. The technician will guide you through downloading the Remote Support Client and inputing their unique support ID.

    Remote Support

Requirements: Windows XP or Windows 2000. Remote Support client is a secure executable that does not install anything on your computer. Once a technician has logged off. You would have to initiate the support request again.

Information for Email Migration

For us to successfully setup your email account on our new servers. Please fill out all the fields below. All informaiton is required.
First Name: *
Last Name: *
Company Name: *
Phone Number: *
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Requested Password: *
Email Support

In an effort to improve our services we have setup a new and advanced email and hosting service. To accompany these services we have created a support section with tutorials (instructions) on how to setup your mail account in most popular mail client software.

The important information to note follows:
  • Incoming Email Server: (POP3)
  • Incoming Email Server: (POP3)(alternate)
  • Incoming Email Server Port: 110
  • Incoming Email Server Username: your full email address
  • Incoming Email Server Passord: your chosen or assigned password
  • Outgoing Email Server: (SMTP)
  • Outgoing Email Server Port: 321
  • Outgoing Email Server: (SMTP)
  • Outgoing Email Server Port: 321
  • Outgoing Email Server Username: your company username
  • Outgoing Email Server Passord: your company assigned password
Click on the link below to access the tutorial or instructions on setting up your favorite email client.